Reviews for "Notebook Wars 2"


Your game distracted me from work for two hours. I commend you.
The only real problem I see is that the final boss is incredibly easy to fight. I get that no fight will actually be difficult, but it seems to me that by the time I'm at the final boss I'm so upgraded that I can beat him in just a few seconds.

Still, great game, keep up the good work.

matakukos responds:

Thank you for your comments =)
I will try to improve the bosses for the next version :P


Really nice game, I think I stayed about 2 hours playing.
Favorite game!

Fun airplane shooter

It's a pretty good game. I like the RPG Maker VX music.

itss good but!

needs a direction shoot option plz!!! D:


when i was a kid we drew a ship on our notebook's plastic covering and ran a piece of paper with a drawn stage through it so it would look like a video game. Now you have a real computer game that looks like that. Cool! 5/5 10/10