Reviews for "Notebook Wars 2"

Beast of a Game

Awesome visuals. The hand drawn style is great. I even like the challenge of going back and getting the stars for the levels. The music is good too. Best free shooter of this type I've played in a long time.

no medals D:

a shame but other than that its a pretty cool game :)

kinda slow at times

the game is totally awesome but at some times when there is too many enemy projectiles the game slows down so i suggest a quality adjuster next time for your game :)

matakukos responds:

Hi friend, i didnt added a quality adjuster because the graphics are in bitmaps, so the quality doesnt afect anything in the game.. =)


I beat the boss on the first level and I still am flying around... Been that way for 10 minutes now...

Pretty cool...

The game is a little on the slow side, but the notepad-like visuals and music are great! GOOD JOB!