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Reviews for "Hambo"

A little repetitive...

... but that's not always a bad thing. Tetris is repetitive. I wouldn't put this in the 'timeless games everyone is going to be playing forever' category, but it's a solid little timewaster.

It's similar in gameplay and design to other games of the same genre, which I like - if a system isn't broken, and is still enjoyable, there's no real need to innovate. That being said, the only thing that really sets this apart from the legion of other fixed-point casual shooters is the Rambo styling of the characters (love that movie, so, points, man).

Overall, controls are good, sound is good, Hambo is adorably badass. The lack of anything new takes away from the score, but this is a solid game no matter which was you cut it.


cool game

The game itself is awesome. I really enjoyed to play it and even createt my own level... But the user lvl side can't be loaded. If that could be fixed. 5/9 for you. I ratet the game without paying attention to that creator level problem. ; )

Ok just a tip

If you don't want a lower score, make there be some unlockable or at least special movie for getting gold on all levels. I went through the whole pain staking process and there was literally no difference in getting all gold? that just kind of ticks me off.

Good game tho.


Not bad. Some levels are a little hard to get gold. But it gets kinda boring.

Decent game

Decent game. Played other games very similar to this, but it was still a good effort. Sometimes shooting arrows out of bow was hard, but that was my only main problem, and plot was so-so.

There is somewhat of a plothole in this game. They arrest the one pig for being different, but he's a pig. He looks just like the other pigs. Since this is a big plothole, I took 2 stars off.