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Reviews for "Hambo"

what the fuck


cool strategic game

the game is pretty simple and fun, some levels are more challenging than others and some can be finished by many ways using multiple weapons. but why isnt there any medal to win? this game is a 'MUST'


it would be rated 10 if had blood XD

It s an discourage game!

Bad game i say! bad but i got to level 14.


The only reason I took a star off is the problem I've seen others complain about, which is the bow doesn't fire sometimes. I guess it's not just the bow but all the weapons. I'll just keep clicking and nothing will happen and anywhere between the 5th and 35th click it'll just drop your grenade/c4/etc (I did count 34 clicks on one level before it would fire).

Also noticed that every once in a while (only happened twice) when you click on the weapon selection it'll either fire your current weapon or select the new one and fire, and as I was only clicking it just blows up at my feet. These two reasons are the only ones that make me take a star away, and only one star.

I like the ice incorporated into the game and the levels where Hambo was moving around and your had to get timing right. Maybe for the next game add more movement to levels I feel like it really added something to the game as there are plenty bland ones that are similar to this. Also make more enemies move, and I like how it's only on ice or bouncing though, don't make them walk around.

Overall great game I don't know why people complain about the plot, it's stupid but hilarious and it doesn't have to make sense (it's a flipping flash game, not Modern Warfare). Awesome job!