Reviews for "Necrorun"

Thats Bull

It's good to a certain point, but I got to a few parts where I'd jump and there would be a damned tree on the ledge I'm jumping to, so I would just fail without being given a chance to play some more. Another poor mans Robot Unicorn Attack.

I love how

a leper falling off a cliff way in front of you before you can even get to it breaks your combo, like its your fault for not being able to play well enough. The controls are terrible and inaccurate. Its almost impossible to play for more than 40 seconds.

Good concept...

This game has a lot of things that I enjoy in a game. Great graphics. The spritework in this was phenomenal. It was almost like this game was written for usage in a cartage in the 90s. I really enjoyed both the backdrop and the foreground graphics. Especially the birds and limping humans, who passed in front of you. This game also had a great concept. Death on his horse killing all that get in his way? Amazing. This game also had a Castlevania-esque sense about it with the music and the background, which I enjoyed. These things can't be argued with, and they are part of the reason I played this game so long.

The things I dislike about this are that the frustration level outplays the level of difficulty. This game really isn't that hard in the sense that you have settings to add more animals/obstacles to destroy, but it's frustrating in the fact that the control gets in your way. If there was more room to destroy objects, except for the short 30-45 degree angle you have, it would make for a much better game. Not only that, but I noticed that I could not hit the animals half the time, even though my sprite was very accurate in trying to hit them (maybe one or two pixels off), but the enemies would not even be near me and would end up killing my character. That's a bit unfair, which caused me to get even more frustrated, and ultimately give up on this game.

Overall, this game is good, and I would recommend it to anyone to try, but its a game that I won't try to play very often due to the things I said. If this was remade with the changes I stated, I think it could possibly be one of my favorite games on Newgrounds.


Its a good challenge, good work =P

Nice try.

Good concept, graphics, and music; but there are frequently obstacles that can only be avoided by falling into a pit, which is to say it is impossible to proceed very far.