Reviews for "Necrorun"

Could have been better.

Especially when i'm jumping across a ledge, but there is a tree under me, and i can't kill it... AARGH!
But still, good animations and idea and stuff.


lol, sorry, but someone had to say it xD

lets see

+1 for Nes Music +1 for Death +1 for The Horse +5 for the Scythe +5 for Smashing Critical -5 fot controls -5 for the stupid skeleton falling off the ledge causing to break combo LOL

No just no

This game loves to kill player experience with it's bad game mechanics.

Sometimes threes spawn in the border and because of the range your weapon won't hit them. This happened almost everytime I played. Beside that, humans spawn out of your range breaking the combo and sometimes I feel like things killed me before I could reach them.


I love the concept, and it's really addicting. I also like the music with the guitar (which, imo, gives it a nice Spanish sound).

It can get pretty frustrating, with trees being on a ledge you're trying to land on. But other than that, good game. :D :D