Reviews for "Necrorun"

Good but...

This is a cool game. It's like robot unicorn attack but with style. The only issue is that it shouldn't be possible for a tree to spawn so close to the edge that you can't land or kill it.


Very well done. It takes alot of skill to master Death's weapon but once you start rackin up the kills it's insane and fun! Great idea behind the game. However I dont feel like Death could get killed by a tree in one hit but I guess thats what makes the challenge!

pain sometimes

good idea but glichy unresponsive controls and the tree placement is really bad often there is a tree right under you and you cant do anything about it causing you to die


Like the idea, but controlling his weapon was impossible for me.

Placement should be based on mouse placement (when controlling with mouse) instead of when you move it up/down. Found that part basically imposs, but good otherwise.

Not bad

I liked it. What was that music is that? I really like it.