Reviews for "Necrorun"

well, ok

i like the concept, the graphics and the gameplay in general, but this game really needs some adjustments. it gets so frustrating if you lose because the games tricks you. Trees some levels below right at the edge, unhittable with your lance. And the peasants tend to fall into the gaps before i reach them and that brakes my combo all the time, wtf? sometimes i also had a tree and a bird at the same time, couldnt do anything but die. and the fact, that you dont have any lifes or health-bar, makes it frustrating way too fast. i wasnt able to to get to the second knight without quitting.

hope you still work on this game, because it really has some nice potential.


This games sums up to be EPIC.
The only problem most people seem to face are TREES. And I have a solution.
It's not just about attacking directly at the tree the first moment you see it. And it's not about waiting either. It's about knowing which ANGLE to attack from.(Which will make it a tad easier.) Don't worry about falling, I do it as well. But then,when you just press the jump button once,you jump REALLY low. So in other words, you have to hold the button down.
And having trouble with the suicidals? Not a problem. Most of the time you should jump a few times to get you boosted. Keep aiming at a squire, and you'll master this trick in no time.
And with the birds? Same thing. Most of the time you should just aim UP. if you think it's not going to work, lower the aim and jump shoot. (Hold the jump if and aim far down if the tree is DIRECTLY behind the bird.)
Hope this helps.


I love tree and all, but its in the way! DX cant do anything when jumping and its right under! couldnt even play for 1 min D: cause of the tree. retired a few times, but the TREEEE~! arg! sorry, the game looks interesting, but it needs some touching with the treeeees...


im sorry but this games needs some adjustements first...

Cool and stylish game

Love the feel of this game, everything from the concept to the style of graphics and music. That being said..there are a few difficulty issues... first off - as other reveiews stated are the trees - how does a tree kill you? Also why cant you ever catch up to a peasant BEFORE they fall in a hole?