Reviews for "Necrorun"

Cool visuals,cold Death...!

Good visuals and a good Death! I gotta take off my hat for that! Nice artwork! Well,as for the gameplay: it's so-so,you know. It is fun,no question,but the thing is that the spear [or is it halberd? no matter] is very hard to control during the ride,it would take me to hold my mouse at the bottom right corner and the slightest move makes it go up which can ruin your game as you crash into a tree. It demands from you to have a wooden arm,not to move the slightest inch most of the time. The rocks seem to me unreachable with the halberd,I don't know how a miraculous work is needed for him to attack things on the ground. Negative aspects aside,the game is a lot of fun playing as Death and having real medi-eval knight duels with horses and lances [halberds,spears..whatever]. I give you a fair and square 9 for all of that. You should also know the significance of the number 9 in tarot cards,so if I gave you a ten you would be satisfied with ''perfection'' [at least the perfect score on newgrounds] while a score of 9 should indicate the beginning of a new mission: a new and improved flash game for example :-) Take care and hope to see you improving your skills man! For you ARE able to shake newgrounds to its core if you realize your full potential! I hope to see a groundbreaking game next time!! >;]

Hell Yeah!

Hey could you put that song for download...I'ts so fucking awesome!


Fast-paced, addictive and awesome. You lose a point for goddamn lepers running off cliffs and breaking my combo.


jump over knight

award unlocked


i give you a 10 only because i love so much how you make the death ...i realy cant pass the fuckin trees when they are too low i always falling on em ...