Reviews for "Necrorun"

Close, but no cigar.

No replay button? Really? Also, as has been said countless times, the mouse controls just don't work properly. This game had a ton of potential, instead it simply served to be annoying.

r-macdonald responds:

What do you mean by no replay button?
You can either click on the "Retry" button, or press "x", as it is written on the retry button.

If you meant something else, please let me know

kewl game!

very nice music and graphics! awesome~


I really enjoy this game. It reminds me of Robot Unicorn Attack. The control for the jav is a bit tricky but once you get the hang of it its pretty fun.

Pretty Good

My biggest issue is with the controls. The idea of a jousting game is pretty nice, but the controls were not very user friendly and the mouse aim was finicky. I think you could make it better, and you should. Keep it up

'Twas okay...

But my biggest problem was the mouse. The spear didn't quite move with it. Your mouse could be in the middle of the screen and the spear would be pointing quite up, I found it pretty distracting. Other than that, good game