Reviews for "Necrorun"

Purdy good. =)

I like it. It's addictive, too. It's like Rainbow Unicorn Attack, but way cooler because you play as Death. Only problem I had with it, was that the sprites were a little jagged. Other than that, was pretty cool. =)

Great game!!

Damn man!! this is a very good game... but perhaps you could make another game with same characters but in a duel mode...

while its a good game...

you really need to aim with the MOUSE and not just aim WITH the mouse.

While at first glance the sentence is redundant, the difference between the idea's is that the first one uses the mouse cursor to aim, using increased accuracy while sacrificing... agility I'll call it for now. The second idea uses the mouse movement as a control source. This means the weapon does not have to point where the cursor is, but it allows you to aim quickly without dragging the mouse over to the enemy.

other than that the art was up to a simple mini game both allowing good visuals while not tanking my FPS.

over all, the game is well built though the aiming controls do cost you one extra star.


My only complaint with this game are the mouse controls. I think the halberd should follow the curser rather than move up or down if the mouse moves slightly. I've had too many moments where my mouse was at the bottom of the screen and my halberd was pointing up. Having to move the mouse back up and then down for it to move down was a little frustrating. Otherwise - Incredible graphics, great gameplay, and the music is simply.. to die for.

/lame pun

This one good game!

I never thought that you can make a game like this and it sounds very true.Besides that everything is exactly calculated PERFECTLY why NOT GIVE it a 10.That's what it should be.