Reviews for "Necrorun"

Very nice original game!

Nice concept, very cool graphics - awsome animations, ok music - fits well.

The fact that you have unlimited ammo and relatively fast attack repetition compensate for the brutal difficulty. Now don't get me wrong, let it be hard the way it is, I found it's pretty well balanced even tho most people complain on control or whatever. Easy games are boring, and this is a very original, fun to play hard game.
Very nice! Please don't let yourself down on the overall rating! it's an awsome game!! Keep 'em coming!!

Mouse aiming is crazy

When I first played this game I used the mouse to aim, but I realized that the spear doesn't aim at the mouse accurately. Watch how the spear moves around when you move the mouse around, especially when you jump. For me at least, when I use the mouse the spear goes all over the place. I tried using the arrows and c but it felt really weird and left me unable to switch spear position quickly (for example, aim down, hit rock, aim up, hit bird).
Not only that but the jumping is really wonky... The game seems to only be worried about the HEIGHT of the jump rather than the length. I often stick landings with the horse's front feet BARELY on the next platform because of the jumping in this game. You can tap the x key and land a jump that is below you even if it's kinda far away because the game's jumping system focuses mainly on height and not distance. Another thing that can prove what I'm saying here is when you hold down x on a small jump. You BARELY land on the edge still, even though you did a HUGE jump when it wasn't necessary. The jumping really should have been more like Canabalt, where both height and distance are equally important.
Anyway, enough negative criticism... Aside from the obvious problems that game has, the graphics, music, and idea were all pretty good and original. The game was kinda fun, it's just that the mechanics feel really strange. 3/5

Death is kind of a puss

I mean i know it's a game and death is supposed to happen, but to death? One hit from anythign and poof death is gone? Seems kind of like a pansy to me. Also just to repeat stuff the controls are a bit wacky.

No Skill Involved

There is some element of skill to this game, but for the most part it is all just random chance that can either lift you to a high score or frustrate you severely. Needs much improvement...

what's next? hand under the knee?

Would be an excellent game, but i find an issue with the controls: the imput for attack is against any experience, instinct and logic.

Death carries a spear, not a firearm, so there is no much point in 2 separate commands for aiming and strike. Or this should be such an "expert" or "punk" mode, i see no reason at all for a set of 3 buttons like

Q = high A = middle Z = low

or even

Q = low W = middle E = high