Reviews for "Necrorun"


This game has horrible controls and your only having one hit and one life.

That's fucked up man.


I really like the plot....the graphycs rocks and the soundtrack is amazing!...
The only problem to me is: It is very³ difficult to progress until u get far, or until you kill 10 knights. But still worth my 5/5.


its hard but i still liked the game i still don get how a tree can destroy death 0.o

dig the tuness

i cant write good code either so im not going to say its what disapoints me...

i cant believe how long it took me to finally attack a friggen tree.

good graphics just make it faster and better and i would play it lots. i promise.

Well this is a toughie.

Concept: Pretty cool.
GFX: Great!
SFX: Middle of the road to acceptable, but it fits I guess so I'm not complaining about that.
Story: Poor to middling.
Mechanics: Terrible.

I'm so, so disappointed when something that *could* be cool is undone by poor mechanics. As noted below, aiming and jumping are the two offenders. For me, the jumping killed it. It doesn't jump like you would expect Death's steed to jump, or with any kind of fun at all, really. It's heavy and stunted. It has no grace or charisma to the feel. I certainly don't feel like I'm riding an otherworld undead beast. While we're at it, how about a proper jumping animation? Levitations are cool and all, but the lack of any special animation really adds a lot to the feeling of the jump mechanic being so poor.
Secondly, the aiming. While it worked okay (just okay, not brilliant or even good) for me, this is also a big problem.

Also, killing Death? I realise you need a story, but it should have been more fleshed out. Why would the forces of nature ever agree to kill Death? Death is a vital part of the picture. Without Death.. well, the world would break. Terribly. Is it even possible to kill Death? How? These things should have been explained IMO.

Overall.. cool, great idea.. I just really wish, so much, that you'd spent more time on it. You're obviously a gamer yourself. How can you not see the flaws in your own creation?