Reviews for "MusicBox"



nice video

good job but in reality if i owned that music box i would probably smash it because its so annoying =D

"Simply" Amazing!

How just 2 good friends can do an excelent job!
Its amazing that this guys put a lot of effort in each of their jobs and managed to do such a great flash animation!

Wish you guys luck for future stuff!

10/10 stars
5/5 Pico's heads
Favorited author and animation!
And if you add your friend to Newgrounds i would totally fav him as well! :D

Keep it creative!

Rather short, but...

Now that's what I call a REAL music box! Great work!!

Same as Dwane

I got an epic impression of Animator ability here, Like Dwane said I got a huge animusic Vibe from the video . Keep up the awesome work, and hope you make more like this one.