Reviews for "MusicBox"

I like it!

Really great job on this, I like how everything kinda unfolds and progresses- my room mate and I both laughed at it, but in a good way. I like how it just ends with the metal triangle haha. I hate to say this buuut....MORE COWBELL! Great job though, keep up the good work


i want one!!!!!!!


I liked the colors too. One question though, does the little guy live in there?

Im tired and dont feel like writing a review

It was good, though it is fairly remeniscent of the MysteryGuitarMan videos

Very nice...

Although the animation could use more work done on it, the concept was very good. If you are going to make some more, I suggest you go to the "Animusic" website. They make very nice animations, like yours. I say, in future products, add some more color, and variations to your music.