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Reviews for "Mortal Kombat FAILtality"


CHose your destiny

lol wow

i love how it was interactive major points for that. and the fact that it was randomly funny for each one. some more then others but still. i wish the game had reverse fatalitys like that, or ppl coming in and taking out the ppl. be funnier than just beating down the oppenent. ill have to admit stryker was a lil annoying, nothing to get mad about tho like some guys resent post. one thing i think would be interesting but an assload of work would be being able to pick two ppl to fight eachother. anyway really enjoyed it great job


friggin hilarious man. great stuff. also, to every one asking, the werewolf is Jon Talbain, the fighting werewolf from Darkstalkers. Felicia, the cat girl, is also from that game. I still think Jon should have been added to the CvM 3 roster.


complete sucess of a video

shortcut cyrax

why in hell want cyrax to blow him self up,
it has no sense,
but a great COME BACK with his PLASMA Cannon

and by the way raiden dont use hax or i come along