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Reviews for "Mortal Kombat FAILtality"

I's shit bricks too

If a dragon screamed at me and I could turn into a fucking lizard at my best.
Nice comedy and I gotta say it reminded me of the street fighter colab at the begining but it was custom, I like it


Win for the reference to holy grail.

You sir are a genius!

I laughed my ass off with all of them, but this are my favorites failtalities

Lost in transition: Take 1, 2 and 3
Hardware Failure
Payback's a bitch
Danger Close
A new friend...
Poor sport
Fear the bunny!
...With EXTREME prejudice...

I didn't see one of these on years, please make more!


Why the hell are their huge spikes in the basement? This is great!

Excellent, but one question:

In Kitana's FAILtality, who did Shang Tsung transform into? I honestly have no clue.

Other than that, I was very impressed by all of this, and I even like the idea of the 'Random' button. I'm pretty sure Hadoukendude would love this! Keep it up!

R1665 responds:

"who did Shang Tsung transform into?"

Felicia from Darkstalkers.