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Reviews for "Pestilence Z"


Love every aspect of this game.



Great stuff!

Really enjoyed this, enough to play it through with all three characters. I found the vet by far the most playable - he is the only one who can shoot well, and therefore reliably kill zombies before they reach him. By the end had some 93% chance of a headshot, which made me pretty close to invincible, but if it was a large group (especially of army zombies) then it was difficult without losing a lot of life. I found it a great combination of getting easier in general but more tricky in places as the game went on.

I disagree with most commenters about the walls - sure it isn't too realistic but it also means that you can kill the zombies without having to spend 50 turns walking all the way around the screen. I do agree that is annoying that you can't shoot them while they are on a wall.

Having supplies all over the place maybe isn't the most realistic in the world, but if the entire region has been in the midst of a battle with zombies, it isn't all that unreasonable that some supplies are lying around. Remember that the people using them may have been killed and turned into zombies- not to mention, consider 90% of RPG games in the last 50 years, most of them had treasure boxes lying around in the middle of nowhere, so lighten up people!

Love the idea of a party system, being able to have a tank with a sniper or a healer would be cool, you could make much more difficult battles that need more strategy, crossing my fingers for act 2 :)

Thanks, one of my favorite recently!

bpointstudios responds:

Thanks for the positive response. Did you read our comments to pie4ever0's review a ways down? We talked about many of your same points there. and you can definitely look forward to some sort of party system in the future sequel.


i really loved the ga,e good work but when is episode 2 coming to newgrounds? i can't wait until it does :]

pretty good

I really liked this game. But there was a very annoying part of it: the movement. It's very uncomfortable that you always have to click the move button befor you could click to the desired position. You should alway be in move mode so that movements could be made with just one click. You clould still switch to shoot mode by clicking the crosshair.
Also the toolbar would be better as a thin ribbon on the bottom (or the top) of the screen instead of in a box wich always covers something. (By the way, when I move the box, then click for the character screen, most of the times the box goes back to its original position, wich is kinda annoying becose I moved it for a reason.)
And another thing: while I don't care about high scores too much, if there is a score board, it would be nice to know how the scores are calculated. I just completed the game in 'Apocalypse' mode, killed all zombies and searched everything, yet I could only make it to the 946th place with 664 points and there are people with more than 900 points.