Reviews for "Pestilence Z"

Buggy and incomplete

The game has many flaws that must be corrected.
Most have been stated.
But one that people missed was that the name perfect, shiny, golden etc didnt say much about the gun.
In my inventory I have an average, dirty, and perfect shotgun with the same stats.
It makes me upset since I spent points in scavenger for the Vet, but still don't get the best items.
Additionally the luck portion of attacking needs to be fixed a bit, a zombie 25m in front of you should be easily hit in the head, i shot at 1 zombie 6 times in the head at that range and didnt get a shot. I had a 50% chance to hit the head, which should be higher if he is closer.


well i played as "the Vet" :P and i think hes pretty awesome but it is weird when you have 54% headshot chance and dont really hit anything for quite some time.
and one thing what really annoyed me was that the inventory was sometimes buggy and you could'nt change the possision much less making anything else with it. but all in all i think its a great game and i will at least play the nurse too...so see you later ^^

not bad

but it does lack polish. still worth playing.

shoulda been a 10 but...

by all rights this game should be a 10, but once i close the game window, all my progress is lost, ive set the storage thing to unlimited, and i save often, but it still wont let me continue a previous game after ive closed the window, 8/10 5/5

Fun but the save could be fixed

Really fun, i played for a while and just wanted to keep play but the save doesn't work, it gets really annoying to start all over again but other then that i had really fun.