Reviews for "Pestilence Z"

It was pretty damn good

Until I had to refresh the page and then I found out that I lost all of my saved data, that fucking blows I was level 20, I am not playing this game again unless that save feature is fixed.


Love every aspect of this game.


the gameplay is rlly nice, love the added storyline. the graphic however can be improve alot, maybe add some styles into it to add mood and even help u work better.

good job

good game

overall pretty good but a few issues the menu bothers me having to move it around and the pace of the game is really slow if you make a 2nd id like to be able to move further cause sometimes a zombie would just stand there on the other side of a map and id have to click move move 3 squares click end turn and repeat i dont know it might just be me.... but still ill be looking forward to a 2nd

great stuff!

As a fan of the zombie genre, I gotta say this was a lotta fun! From the animation, to the Return of the Living Dead sounding music during the battle sequences, I found it great. If there were any complaints to be had, it would be that after a little bit, the types of zombies begins to get a bit stale. A bit more zombie types spread throughout the game would definitely improve an already awesome game.