Reviews for "Pestilence Z"

Awesome game

Goo job. It's a great game. I like the art very much. The graphics are great and i like the atmosphere too.

best flash game about zombies... for now

really nice graphics, sounds, and gameplay, but why zombies can move dry walls?

Good.... but

The game is good and nicely made but I also lost my game data. Not fun to work so hard on building up a good stock of stuff and stats only to lose it all.

bpointstudios responds:

Did you have enough space allocated for the Flash Player to store the data? Please check the notice under authors comments! Sorry about the lost progress, that's never fun :P


again - cool game.

Thumbs up

II love the gameplay, its not like the other zombie games I've played. I'll be waiting for the next episode~

note: i found 2 tiles(cells) that flashes different tiles that isn't supposed to be displayed. :DD