Reviews for "Pestilence Z"

pretty good

but there's one huge problem, no skip button!! For example, I shot a flare gun at a zombie, which set it on fire, but I didn't have any ammo left or battle items, so I was stuck! I had to quit the game. But other than that, AWESOME story, AWESOME gameplay, and AWESOME graphics!

It's okay

I love how this game's tile based and has a battle system like an RPG. However, there's really not much substance to this game. It's all just looking around and searching, and that's about it...

Also, the zombies can walk through walls, lol. Are they ghosts or zombies? You need to implement the same collision detection system for your NPCs that the player has. I know you're "AI" is basically a bunch of "follow the player" if statements. (if player is above NPC, then AI moves up, etc) You need to implement the collision detection systems for your levels. I.E. If zombie moves to a certain tile && moves right (to a wall on his right), then zombie position = the tile where the zombie originally was.

Other than that, decent game.


Not bad by any means, just a bit slow. Also, why is the vet such a bad shot? You think his skill would be that he's a crack shot. But I guess not...

Great game

Nice battle system and overall graphics. Couldve been a little more interactive. Also on the map. But i took -2 for not being able to play my last saved game and lost 2 hours of gameplay so..

great game

maybe one of the best flash RPGs around, especial from newgrounds.

why two marks off?

music sucked, im sorry but it felt like a one minute sampling of a C&C soundtrack on loop.

Non-clipping zombies. if they ate walls and gave me a shorter way out of the house that would be cool, but ghosting just felt like a lack off effort?

otherwise, i think this game is extremely well done.