Reviews for "Pestilence Z"

WOW >:(

played this game for a hour, which means it was good but when i went to load my saved file nothing was there!

bpointstudios responds:

Hey, sorry to hear this, bothmyballs! Did you read the authors comments? Please ensure you set the correct storage settings so you can save properly :)

It's no perfect but...

I loathe seeing zombie games on Newgrounds. Most of them are mindless shooters, however I appreciate your creativity and I like that you're trying something new.

Although this game may not be perfect, at least it's different than most zombie flash games out there.


I thought this was a pretty good game - in many ways it reminds me of old school RPGs, which brings back fond memories.

One thing I loved about this game was trading in useless items for a small amounts of XP. I just hate it when RPGs make you head back to town every few battles just to sell all of the random junk that you found (maybe the lack of a monetary system here was the driving force...).

Also well done, and I can't speak to this entirely as I only played one character, but the intro/cutscenes/animations were unique to the character - there really seemed to be some distinction there. I haven't looked at the other 'class's skill, but if my character is any indication, I would imagine they were very fitting to the type of gameplay you meant to highlight.

It was a great idea to have the menu float (at least with the layout you chose). Although... Docking the menu and making a separate pane for that and perhaps stats or something may have worked better, as I found myself constantly moving the menu to make sure there weren't searchable areas that I missed. I also found the hints/tooltips to be a bit invasive. I know that there is a way to turn them off, but I think it's possible to program in a way for them to display the first few screens we play, then phase them out after that.

I found the zombie 'clipping' to be a bit disturbing, but we were forewarned in the manual (journal), so I didn't really consider it an issue. Made moving a bit more strategic, and a bit less realistic - a fairly balanced trade-off.

One thing that might be interesting - I used the very first pistol I found through a large chunk of the game. I found some more damaging weapons, but the tradeoff in accuracy was not worth it. Perhaps it was different with the sniper character, but a look at the early game balance might be worth it - maybe even starting with a weak weapon and finding a slightly less weak weapon early on. Then again, maybe it's all random and I found a good weapon right up front. Either way, not really a detriment to the game (again, the useless junk = xp option was a savior here). I did run out of ammo fairly often, but the melee options as well as the consumables seemed to balance this. Also it reinforced the theme that you're on your own, trying to get by with what you can scavenge, bullets are a commodity and should be valued.

A couple big improvements I could recommend for your interface: When I wanted to cancel a move and battle instead, or vice versa, I had to click on the character to manually cancel, then choose to shoot/move from the menu. Perhaps you could incorporate the two so when I choose move, then click on shoot without moving, it automatically cancels the move option and allows me to select a target instead of having to go through the motions, if you know what I mean.

Also, I would love to see some sort of % chance when I consider headshots vs. bodyshots. The Fallout games presented this very well (at least the first two, haven't played the new ones), and perhaps you could get some ideas from that combat system.

The sounds and music were ok, no complaints really, but there could be improvement there. The graphics were fine for the type of game this is, but again, a more polished look would have been that much more icing on the cake.

Overall, I enjoyed this. Great learning curve, easy to understand, well balanced combat system. Good variety of choices character-wise, cut-scenes were nice, graphics and music were appropriate. If you could polish this up a bit for the sequel, you'll have a really superb game on your hands.

Thanks for the experience!

Great Overall

I played this flash quite awhile, and it would even have plenty of replay value with the other characters. The battle system was pretty good, though I ended up being killed by 2 female zombies when I missed 15 attacks in a row. 40% accuracy, yeah right.


i alredy play a game that resemble of that few year back i dont really remember the name but almost the same has the excep that we have 4 playable caracter