Reviews for "Pestilence Z"

Good but

It was fun i liked the graphics the gameplay and such only a couple things that got to me.
Such as the zombies can walk through walls and how easy it was,I put it on apocolypse mode and it was pathetic!

So yea 7/10 3/5


the graphics are very bad, animations and sounds to, the only thing that i liked is the search weapons that could be best than another ones, so the only thing you need is search until you reach "perfect" weapons, the game is long, is annoying, and the last day i saved with the vet, and it look like a enginer novice, because hes very bad with the weapons, even with perfect weapons, no walk animation, the idea of give X steps, end turn, and when you killed all zombies you will be able to walk wherever you want is stupid, more that you need walk, end turn, and search wathever you want before kill all zombies, i was starting to go in the basement of the Dr. mansion, if you tell me i wasnt close of end the game, i am angry, because i saved and now i dont see my game saved, i lost all, and if you tell me i was close, i will be angry because i need to go to sleep, the game is to long, i started at like 12:00 and when i closed it before finish was the 2:23 am, this game is very bothering, and the idea of RPG is very stupid, i hate it, this game looks like a normal zombie kill alpha game, i really waith this game got deleted from this page.

Mediocre at best

The graphics are bad. White grains of pixels can be found on the edges of some of the graphic elements, which gives the game a 'sloppy' feel, and makes submersion into the game's universe harder.
I am not a fan of tilebased flash games. Especially not when its a top-down view. It makes the game feel like a gameboy game from the late 90's. I think an isometric view might have been better for the game.
Alot of effort was put into the game, and I can't completely ignore that. So I will give it a modest 5.

Liked it

The zombie wall thing just seems like lazyness of programmers :S but I really enjoyed the games. (more special items like the flamethrower pls ^^) Ammo was no prob once I realized that it wasn't thougth for popping shells in to random zombie brains XD. And the last tunnel thing was the only tricky part. (btw medic rulz)
Good job but pls I know you're acting as if zombies should be able to go through walls but why can they pass through dirt in underground levels too? I really think you guys were to lazy ;D.

TL;DR Zombiewallrun(even if intentional) is lame, rest is awesome, longer sequel pls
9/10 5/5

Good :)

its a bit silly, but good fun, maybe a game to play while you just cba with life?
Looking foward to the next in the series :)