Reviews for "Pestilence Z"

Its pretty good

its very fun, i like the GBA look of the game and the RPG style is interesting...

I feel like there is no real way to get the head shoot sometimes, I think it has to do with the distance you have to the zombie or the level you have, both the fire weapons and melee combat has well, I enjoyed exploring the environment and getting better items to help my way through, there is a lot of freedom, and I like that.

Another thing that annoyed me was when i missed the critical hits, especially when melee, I try to get a head cripple to kill a zombie quickly, but i miss, this is really cheep especially when i'm surrounded by zombies, i don't mind failing my critical hit, but sometimes i hope to at least do some kind of damage; even if its weak... At least that would have helped in a way; even more when you run out of ammo.

The difficulty is fair from my point of view, I only died twice, and because I forgot to heal myself and got surrounded by fat zombies...

Overral: It was pretty good, I enjoyed it; liked the RPG style and the sounds and all, i just wish this little things that I addressed could be arranged but still, good job!

(PS: I played has The Nurse :3)


I felt like it just didn't do enough. It could've been a neat game, but I just didn't enjoy it; there wasn't enough to it.

Good concept. Bad design.

(Sorry for 'giant wall of text' style. The reveiw is pretty all over the place with points of focus)

I like the idea of this game.

There are a few things that are pretty bad, though. Like how the veteran can insta-kill 3 enemies in a row with the melee head crack, but miss a headshot more than 4 times, which bears the question, what are the characters different skill levels for if the can be just as good (if not better) with melee attacks as the jock, or nurse. The art looks like you're moving paper cutouts around a flat board. It's pretty unorigonal to have a fat guy puke on you, but I guess there aren't many origonal zombie types that would make sense, nowadays. The music was pretty cool the first time, but got annoying very quickly. The character icon constantly flashes when you have a skill point, even though you are trying to save up points for something else. The armour system is pretty bad, since cardboard-cutout man has the same avatar, even when you have equipped something. It makes no sense that you can only use bandages in battle, with tonnes of zombies breahing down your neck, as opposed to a relatively peaceful area with no zombies. Another annoying this is that zombies can phase through walls. It becomes pretty frustrating when you can't attack them, but they can attack you. Looting was alright, but I can tell that when you boast 'over 602 possible different equipable items', most of them were just variations (broken, shiny, perfect ect.). I liked how you could aim for different parts, but could have been better if you could target different limbs, which could lead to a 'Fallout' VAT's type of attacking, along with the hit percentage. It was pretty vauge with how likely it was to hit your mark. The combat animations were alright, but looked wierd with all enimies having the same animation. It would be cool if death animations were limb, specific, like the headshot animation. So killing someone by shooting them in the legs and having the zombies legs snap. I found it odd how you couldn't shoot someone with the shotgun a point-blank range, considering it is the range the weapon is designed for. It was pretty constricting having to choose from a small list of players with preset skill levels; It's not very RPGish having to do this, as oppsed to placing points into a skill table.

I don't hate this game. I wouldn't of found all these flaws if I adn't played for as long as I had.

I am quite glad there will be sequels. I hope you will address these problems and do something about them in the next game, because I really like the idea of this game, just not the way it was presented.

sneaky devil

their are some secret spots in the game =) dont be decieved some areas contain places of movement even if their is no arrow. ill give away an obvous one as an examle. the shopping mall after one of the cut scenes when you go left. its empty except for lots of zoms. if you put your cursor at the top on the manhole you can get something good.
keep your eyes peeled all! some of these secrets give lots of ammo and health! some even give great EQ!

to the actual rating i loved it. lots of weapons for range and melle and also alot of armor. allowed lots of customiztion. great graphics. the zombies going over walls was good and added a challenge to it. quick question... depeneding on the range you attack a zombie from (on the grid map when you first choose movement search end turn attack etc.) if the zombie is further away from you when intiating attack does that affect the distance at the start of battle?
sounds was annoying but i put on some good itunes and solved that poblem
all in all newgrounds has witnessed a great new game and i hope the series is a grand success! hope to see more great work from you

Great Classic RPG

I found this to be a great game. Reminds me of the old school Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy games, but with shotguns and and a chainsaw instead of swords and magic.

Gameplay: Found the game to be quite good. I liked the board game feel that came with the over-world movement and searching. Loot was awesome, especially with the randomness to every weapon. A golden AK-47 carried me through the latter part of the game. Combat was good, lots of depth with the different character skills, different zombies and the different weapons. I didn't mind the whole zombie clipping thing even though it looks kinda weird, because it made avoiding the zombies quite a bit harder, which added some strategy to the over-world. I haven't tried the other characters yet, but the replay value alone with the vet using some different skill combinations is really good. I'm sure it's that way with the other two as well. The game is a bit repetitive, but I've yet to play a flash game that wasn't. And compared to some others, this has a lot to offer.

Graphics: At first, I thought the graphics weren't very good, but as I played further, I really like what they did. The game has a great hand-drawn look, and it works very well for this game. The over-world animations are lacking a bit, but the in-battle animations are great with many little details that really fit the character. The story cut scenes were very good.

Sound: The sound was good, nothing too special but it really got me into a creepy zombie killing mood.

The few gripes I have are minor. The menu on the over-world is a bit clunky, but I ended up just minimizing it once it figured out the hot keys, so no biggy there. I would have like some more zombie types or maybe a mixture of the different zombies in battle one battle. I guess it leaves room for improvement for the next one.

Overall: This is a fantastic game for many reason, however mostly because it's concept is so fresh and unique for a flash game. It is sad to see so many poor reviews because people can't read directions, but you can never please everyone. This is a great flash game, well done!