Reviews for "Pestilence Z"


This was an interesting game. Usually you don't see games like this being turn based because it takes away the 'thrill' of it. And admittedly, while I wasn't intimidated or tense at any point in the game, it was still enjoyable. My biggest grievance was that dialog boxes (such as the ones that inform you of saving) don't close automatically. Even a countdown before they closed would've been less of a hassle. It forces you to go at a slower pace, which I guess is nice so you appreciate gameplay, but I lack a lot of patience.

Love It

Tons of fun there. As others may have mentioned, at first I thought you could control all 3 classes/players simultaneously. That might add a fun aspect to the game. Or possibly be able to switch them out mid battle or something.

Anyway, Thanks for the game. You really should make more :)

10/10 5/5


well i played as "the Vet" :P and i think hes pretty awesome but it is weird when you have 54% headshot chance and dont really hit anything for quite some time.
and one thing what really annoyed me was that the inventory was sometimes buggy and you could'nt change the possision much less making anything else with it. but all in all i think its a great game and i will at least play the nurse too...so see you later ^^

Good but...

I learned zombies can go through walls and other things and the skill tree should be a little bigger.


I give you five for the idea. This game would have been a lot cooler if you had people fighting along side you. Instead, you're fighting off zombies by yourself. I did like the headshots, that was cool. Maybe take another stab at the game, make a sequel, idk. This game does not have a lot to offer.