Reviews for "Pestilence Z"

I liked it

enjoyed the game, can't wait for part II. Like bj09 was saying about the zombies getting harder, well, they did without any discernable changes (perhaps changing colour in their clothing or something would make it easier). Also, if you would be able to see how much ammo a weapon uses (went from 120 ammo to 25 because the flamethrower uses more ammo before I realized it).
To bj09, the creator had zombies going through walls to simulate a zombie crawling through a window/door etc. Although the tunnel part at the end was a bit extra.
Still, I enjoyed the game enough to log in and leave a comment.


This game wasn't all too bad or all too good. Having played through one campaign I can pretty much say that the good out weighs the bad though. First off, the gameplay is pretty much generic turned based, but the amount of options and weapons keeps it tolerable. Second, the artwork is really good. Some fluid animations and well drawn cut-scenes make this a pretty game to look at. And thrice(don't know if that's a word), the sheer length of this game kept me pretty involved for a couple of hours, and on only one campaign. With the various search spots, weapons, and custimization options, I really didn't get bored playing for all that time, either. Now for the bad. Towards the end of the game, the zombies seemed to power the hell up with no prior warning or discernible changes in appearance, which made the game a lot more tedious and difficult. Also, part of this stems from statistics being bum rushed out the window in favor of difficulty. I hate it when games do this and this is no exception. It basically made all the hard work and searching useless. For example, I had a seventy percent chance of getting a headshot and a pretty high defense, but at the final stretch it seemed like it all went down to starter levels, which made everything a chore and sucked out all my previous enjoyment. Now the music. The music was terrible. Just a couple of tracks on constant loop doesn't make a soundtrack(or at least it shouldn't). Besides these problems, though, the game was still rather enjoyable and worth more than one playthrough. Plus I love seeing zombie rpgs! lol Later.

P.S. The glitch. I don't know if it was laziness or a real glitch but damn did it make strategists like me yell in agony. Zombies cannot go through walls...unless their ghost zombies...WHICH MAKES NO FREAKING SENSE!

liked it, loved it, addicted!

Scenario: 10 story: 10 (so far). music: very fitting to the concept. the only thing i can say i don't like about this game is that i have to go to sleep. otherwise i might go on playing to the end. Keep 'em coming! Good job! I'll be back tomorrow to try & finish.


flamethrowa mother fucka!

that and headshotzz all you need. Vet is bestest, 4 sho.

really boring.

the fighting was ok, but in general the game REALLY dragged on. The number of menus and hotkeys and everything made the game's pace extremely slow. Additionally the same two or three songs which weren't even spectacular the first time round are used over and over and the whole thing gets really tedious.

Also, I played as the nurse and it sucked. I don't know about the other two classes, but she had some pretty lame abilities at the end of the day.