Reviews for "Pestilence Z"


i liked this game other than i could not spread out my skill points probly would have been beter if i did not have to try to finish it without getting eveything

Stun Zombies

Stun zombies should be easier to get a crit on with gun :( but still it a good game


I cant see why people have scored this below a 9. The graphics and concept story line are awesome. It takes a little more then just click and shoot stragies. Mapping this game took some good ideas of how older style RPG turn based games. Tactics aren't the hardest i wish it was a little more edge to the types of zombies. i bow before the awesomeness lol...... Thanks for blessing newgrounds with something fresh....

Aww man :(

Good concept, need more polish,

Saved skill points, could not buy the level 2, 2nd column of Veteran's.

Saved to reload and see if that fixed it, and no save file found :(

(maybe add an error message if it could not access cookies/My computer to save?)

love it

the problem? no one, it's just long.. and I want to explore every obscure part so for me it's taking time... because of this I will play only as the vet.. that's the problem.. I wish I had patience to go around with every character ( I save, but still very long for a flash game)... the party system, one playthrough would solve this, because is a long, very long game...

Consider porting to Iphone with new weapons, party system and such, It's a great game, sure will make some money there!