Reviews for "Pestilence Z"

Fun to play

I liked this game. The only thing I would suggest adding is the ability to run backwards. If you have the ability to charge, you should also have the ability to run in the opposite direction to give you more time to shoot. Also, an improvement would be to actually be able to see the % chance of hitting with a head shot and stuff so you can tell if its worth trying or not. Also, the skills could use multiple levels with each progressive level doing better than the last level. Having to wait multiple levels to get one of the farther down skills was somewhat annoying, but that's just me. Overall, good game. 8/10



Reminds me of a certain board game....

Loved it, loved it, loved it. While it gets a bit repetitive, this game is fantastic.

It is set up much like "Last Night On Earth" which is a great board game. If that's what you were going for, you captured it very well.

If you weren't, well.... maybe you should have been lol.

nice nice nice

Nice game...but i ran out of bullets in a bad time xD

:S...perfect game just needs better graphics & more bullets xD

Impressive :)

I thought the game was pretty awesome and i honestly didn't find any problems with the zombies walking through walls, lol. Only reason i rated it a 9 was because it's one of those games i cant play for an hour due to repitition. But it keeps me coming back for more. thumbs up :)