Reviews for "You Shall Know The Truth"

.....no.... just no..........

i was just experimenting with the random endings,

i got the ending where i said "yes" to "is this the beginning?"
when i said no to either ending question, i start over
then i said "yes" to "is this the truth?" and i end up with a crash
that's REALLY unhelpful, i didn't get to see what happens when the time runs out

Good Luck...

A very interesting premises, but with knowledge passed on to our youth, what are they going to do with it, even if they know? Occupy # and what does this accomplish?

I feel like a lot of people are missing the point of this. Yes, it may seem "preachy." However it is by no means dull. While this is labelled as a game, I don't think it's intended to be crazy super fun. If you want that, go play pac man or something. The main purpose of this game seems to be about making a statement about things that are kept from people that some believe they often should know. I'd highly recommend taking the time to simply just read the bits of text that appear when searching an item and location to understand it a little better. Wikileaks is an issue that everyone should be aware of. Hell, I'm not an American and I'm aware of it because it effects me too.
That said, I liked this. I do wonder about the choice of the player being placed in the shoes of an fbi agent, and I wonder if another pov may have been more effective.

Unique at least

I'm going to assume that audio I heard was part of the game. I was afraid this would be a game where you did nothing but type. I find it funny how you're able to examine everything so closely, even cups. The artwork was actually pretty good in this. Its main flaw is that it's a bit too easy, seeing as how you just click and get information from things. I have certainly played worse and it does have an original premise.

You could have probably made it faster to get information. Then again, I was just saying that when it was used like that, it got too easy. I think the sounds were actually nicely done, even if there were not that many in the first place. I guess people who are bigger fans of these kinds of games should like it. It's alright.

lawl game was so dull. talking about innocent kids killed by drones? chelsea manning being held for being a patriot? secret wars being funded by my tax dollars? yawn.