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Reviews for "You Shall Know The Truth"

The Truth Set Free?

I guess in the end, I didn't know the truth at all.

One more masterpiece

Very good keep up the good work


i learned a few things and got the better ending and inspirational quote. 5 stars.

Time could be lower.

But hey the story in this is basically the game, and i must say its great. I cannot give a 10 because of the inability to lose, but i also feel i can't take many points away from this because well..im aware that you don't make games to actually give you a huge struggle, there like interactive movies (Or id assume you don't).

Anyways yes i enjoy your work very much, keep it up!
(I was really impressed at that one part with the flashing arrows and all the talking, just like a movie very good!)

Uhm... M8?

I was kinda trying to get all endings because I thought the game was interesting. Sadly, my third 'ending', led to me being unable to restart the game (You guessed it, I said 'yes, this is the truth). Even though such an ending makes sense in some way, it still is a pain in the ass that I now have to go delete all my cookies'n'stuff just to replay the game... Just sayin'. Except from that, great.