Reviews for "Kill Justin Beaver"

grat gaem

gtrat gaem imho lol kewl


way to create a game like what NG was fueled by, the great ol' assassination! i bet you most of the people that are giving somewhat negative comments of this game don't realize that this is what Newgrounds was... shitty games with shitty sound (if any) but it was all about killing celebs in hilarious circumstances... you guys who think this is "horrible" or "mean" go to the assassination collection as see what made Newgrounds what it is today.

you read my mind..ON THAT LITTLE PUNK

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!


I can finally kill that little M*********** without the law on my ass... I love how this was frontpaged!


duckinvaders, my hatred did plenty for keeping me loving every minutes of this game! 1:43 exsactly! xD