Reviews for "Kill Justin Beaver"

Well for starters,I don't hate that Justin Bieber kid. I'm not a fan of his music (cause I'm not 14 or younger) But music is music to me so I have no ill will towards the kid. Just another performer doing his thing,I guess. Now let's get to this game about throwing stuff at/shooting a singing beaver that's running around(back and forth) on stage. First you get a water bottle(Obviously a reference to that thing I read on msn about a bottle being thrown at that Justin kid) It's quick and effective. After knocking down the beaver thing,you gain access to knifes,shurikens, a pistol and to finish a rocket launcher. Aside from the beaver getting slightly faster each time,all you do is hit him again. and again. .....and again.... and....uhhh fun? The only part that spices up the dull as hell gameplay is the rocket stage. Hit him once and you win. The only hard thing is that the projectile is slow so you must time your shot. My final score is 0:56 seconds. I mean honestly is this GOTY material? If you need to let your rage out on a virtual being,go play the torture game or virtual buddy. And stop riding this JB hate wagon and grow up.~ Psyco

To those who said this game is stupid, you people just like bieber.

I hate juston beaver

Although funny, could be better by better gameplay. I.E.: Upgrading system, Bieber Dolls with bombs with them, audience clapping when I kill JB, BIEBER DOLLS WITH BOMBS IN THEM.

This is retarded, and to many people hate justin bieber for nothing.