Reviews for "Kill Justin Beaver"

thanks for the game

even though it wasn't that good of a game, i did help me vent my hatred of justin bieber. the fact that you get to kill justin bieber makes up for it not really being much of a game

not really a game

wasn't much of a game maybe if you really hate the kid.

Could be better... Great idea though!

I hate Justin Bieber. Throughout this game I found myself saying "Take that bitch!" but, the gameplay wasn't amazing. You know what I mean? I felt like this should have expanded or at least could have expanded alot more. How about making a very in depth sequel where he is first on a basic small stage and you throw bottles at him and once his health runs out you get to go on stage and beat him with your fists or a bottle. Then he runs onto a bigger stage ( this is saying as he gets more famous we hate him more ), now we have a knife and you know same thing and at the end we beat him with the knife and he runs off to a new stage a gun and shoot at him and then get on stage and beat him with then gun and then when you go to shoot him point blank he runs off. Then the game can change format and turn into a sharpshooter where he is at a huge concert moving around and what not and you have one shot and if you don't make the kill the security he finally has will kill you if you shoot and miss. Then a whole dramatic cutscene of him collapsing after the shot and how all the people scatter and how the Beiber empire fails and then maybe a free mode could be unlocked where you just beat him with an array of weapons. Put all that into a better looking sequel and I will give you a 10 out of 10.

I like it, just because it's a hate game.

But then, we killed Justin BEAVER. *loads gun* Justin BEIBER is next.

0:47, 69% accuracy. Anyone beat that?

Ok so...

I get your point here, you don't like Beiber, but this game is not a good representation of that hate. Maybe you could have made a it so that you actually interacted with him, all he did was walk back and forth as you clicked on him. Game play wise this was boring, bump it up a bit and put your creative cells to make a awesome game. Graphically wise, it looks like something a 8 year old drew, get some better graphis. Thank you for your time.