Reviews for "Kill Justin Beaver"

Thank You SOOOO Much!!!!

I finally get the chance to kill this kid. when he stated singing/squeeking I yelled at the monitor to shut up, then I blew his face of with a bazooka.

Stupid, annoying, but fun!

I don't know how such a simple and annoying game can be so addictive and fun, but it is - I even played it long enough to complete it. There's not much replay value though, hence only 6/10. If you improve and expand the concept to make a larger and more detailed game, it will be much better.

There is to many Justin Beiber killer games...

I liked the fact that it had more than just one weapon, that you actually put effort into it. The Animation was good, wasn't choppy at all.

I disliked that this was yet another JB game. What NG just not need it this sort of thing. Mature flashes are scarce. :(

Justin Bieber will not like this game

This game is just making Fun Of Justin Bieber