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Reviews for "Hierarchical"


This is an AWESOME game
Awesome graphics, awesome music, awesome pixels (lol)
But... Why can't I get the "LIFE == 0" Medal? :c


this movie is goose

I'd been waiting to see this!

Good job! People can whine about your style all they want, but I've noticed the more you make, the more your work improves. You keep at it, and you're just gonna get more and more awesome. Can't wait to see more from you sir!

Magical-Zorse responds:

Why thank you, madam.

as you wish....

hint to the secret medal

if you are about to die
and you say your last words
i wish i live longer
lucky you,this medal is yours


love the game man and uuuh thx for the advice u posted it might help as i make more