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Reviews for "Tetris (Dubstep Remix)"


This tetris remix is so awesome! the drops... the sounds... it all mixes very well! you have earned my respect

You were ON SPOT with the drops.

I was looking about for an actual good dubstep remix of Korobeinki everywhere in the net then I head for Newgrounds and found this piece. I gave it a little thought of listening to it since other remixes I have heard are not as good until I got took for a ride of the song , I knew this could be the one I have been looking for ! You sire , deserve a medal for this piece ! It sounds not only upbeat like its classical counterpart but as well adding some new freshness to it that kept me humming the entire part of this song . Undoubtfully you deserve RESPECT and 5 STARS ! Keep up the good work !

This is actually pretty sweet.

Before Starting this review, I initially listened to your track and was impressed from the off. then noticed you're currently unscouted, so, before writing this review, I figured I would do some research.

Basically, this track is just too good, can't find it anywhere else so that leads me to believe that you have in fact composed this track, hats off, it's good!

I've also heard shitloads of dubstep tetris remixes now as a result, didn't know there were so many.

But yeah, so anyway

Good track


Will scout you too, would like to see more music coming from you