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Reviews for "Tranquil Universe 2014"

Oh this sounds just amazing. A nice clean version.

Semaphore responds:

Thank you ArkantosLoki

It really is =)

Cheers Sema

I like this song but I like what you wrote in the comments more. Like you, I too feel the emotions in my music and am motivated to make more by people like you. Always respect the fans and they will do the same. I'm a fan. 5 stars for making powerful music!

Semaphore responds:

Thank you very much mistarogerz


sir, i thnik my english skillis is not enough to describe, how incredible and peacfull this song is.
it has some awesome calms and rises.

I was on my 24-hour shift, my work is nervous and hard, and i was reaching my day-limit of patience, about to explode, when, on coffe break, i found this gem. Sincerely, thank you, for my relaxed brain.

p.s. sorry for mistakes, i know there is a lot X)

Semaphore responds:

I'm glad I could give you a few calm moments =)
Thank you very much WunderShnitzel for this comment

Nice semaphore that's so cool

Semaphore responds:

Thanks a lot =)

Really relaxing. It's a little disturbing to know that this music was used in a hentai game.

Semaphore responds:

This was not my decision >.<