Reviews for "Dark Disharmony"

Very good.

Like the music and sound. Im guessing the Guitar sound is from dablo. If not it does sound like it alot.

Only thing i didn't get is the ending? Without spoiling it is there going to be a sequel to this? Still good game.

Chroust responds:

You got me! Yes, two acords from Tristiam village from Diablo... nostalgy. I make better ending at once, maybe the continue. Actually i´m dead... i had many nightmares, when I create Dark disharmony. Thanks for your rating :D Music is a good work! Realy, i find impressive musican called NaRCo - http://bandzone.cz/narco


I couldnt even finish the game! it was definately challenging, I'll have to return when i cool off a bit. Have you ever heard of an NES title "Shadowgate" very awesome and similar game... look into it

Chroust responds:

Hi, no i don´t know the Shadowgate, but thanks for tip and your rating. I look on it. I love adventures, especially The Longest Story... when I was a little kid. Very inspiring..

Love It

I love point and click games. But its hard to find someone good ones. Thankfully for me and others there are people like you who make good ones :D

Chroust responds:

Thank you, very much! I´m working on the DD2. I hope it will be better and longer than DD1 ... especifically next to same three scenes ... Let´s see.


Wow, nice music - can I download it somewhere?

Cool game, love it. Manipulating the elements - boo ;).

Chroust responds:

Hi, thanks! This music called Temnaia Disharmonia (2011) can be downloaded on the link: http://bandzone.cz/narco. Enjoy it.


Chroust responds:

GIVE ME BRAIN! Brrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaiiiinnnnsssss :D