Reviews for "Dark Disharmony"

good game

and a pretty good ending. hope to see a sequel.

Chroust responds:

Thank you very much for your positive review. I mean this is the infection/dead end episode. I´m inspirated by Four Horsemans of appocalypse at the end. Tree horsemans are left... Production take a long time, but i think - I'll make continue once.


I couldnt even finish the game! it was definately challenging, I'll have to return when i cool off a bit. Have you ever heard of an NES title "Shadowgate" very awesome and similar game... look into it

Chroust responds:

Hi, no i don´t know the Shadowgate, but thanks for tip and your rating. I look on it. I love adventures, especially The Longest Story... when I was a little kid. Very inspiring..


This is awesome! Very inventive. The music brings great suspense!
Did you create the music yourself?

Chroust responds:

Thank´s man! This reviews make me happy! I always try to do new inventive things. The music was composed by NaRCo. I told him several times in order to publish NG, but he´s busy man. In the DD2 he makes any great music too..


Wow, nice music - can I download it somewhere?

Cool game, love it. Manipulating the elements - boo ;).

Chroust responds:

Hi, thanks! This music called Temnaia Disharmonia (2011) can be downloaded on the link: http://bandzone.cz/narco. Enjoy it.

Great game

It was really well thought out. Great job.

Chroust responds:

Thanks man! Im proud!