Reviews for "Timmy's Giant Sandwich"

Too damn funny!

i have heard this story before, and I gotta say, this was an amazing version. The ending was hilarious, and the music was delightfully creepy and went perfectly with the animation. Nice job, you've definitely earned your place on the front page.

Great twist

Awesome. Throughout the whole thing I was thinking this is to nice to be on the front page. Turned out I was right. :L But all in all great work. :)


Its like a story from the bible....


The story made complete sense up until the point what's-his-face-with-a-red-shirt started rubbing himself against Timmy. I mean, I honestly expected them to push him down, and threaten him, but I in no way expected what happened next, with mixing blood or any of that. All in all, good animation, I guess, little creepy though, but never the less hilarious. That is why I give a nine.

very... interesting

did not expect that end part..
sound could be better, but that all depends on the mic.
so... good video