Reviews for "Timmy's Giant Sandwich"

You're like the John Waters of newgrounds!

I mean you're both terribly gay, and you both take pleasure in creating perverse versions of classic children stories.

Anyway on to the review, the animation and artwork were simple and childlike. The style works to the films advantage because it creates a meretricious sense of innocence which adds to the shock value once you twist the ending in the cartoons final moments.

The music and voice acting also compliment the cartoons nature, and make the ending all that more shocking and sadistic, the finale itself seems to carry a satirical message about the dangers of a pernicious communist society.

I hope you continue to animate, because you've constantly proven that one doesn't need to be a plutocrat in order to create stories without compromise, regardless of whether they're salacious or not...

- Celx


I was expecting the usual moral of not being lazy, unti the end that is.

While I was watching

I was thinking about giving it a 7 or something.
But then: THE TWIST!
I laughed so hard.
10! 10! 10!


Even tho i never heard the classic story its still funny lol JHgvsbjkbsbiasf

A nice twist on a classic story...

This was a nice flash cartoon. It was also a nice twist on a classic story that I remember reading about in grade school. The ending was unexpected, but funny (in a warped kind of way). Pretty good animation and a nice voice for the narration, too. Overall, it was good!