Reviews for "Timmy's Giant Sandwich"


rubbed his cock....on his stom.....stabs him and goes AAHHGGIIUEEDS

and nuo XD

What the fuuu--

No really what the fuuu---


hmm well now this was a very large flash, took a good while to load up so maybe for the sake of other machines and slower ones you may want to lower the file just abit or even put it in 2 parts or something along them lines, Now the flash toon itself is pretty cute and entertaining, it has a light shade of color and the the animation is notbad, the voice over was great too, that brings me to another tip but not really needed but by adding some {SUBTITLES} you might make it abit better not that you cant understand but its always an extra touch to have, besides that this was welldone and like i said a funny and entertaining flash so good work and good luck on any new stuff coming to the portal.

Some lower filesize, probably the audio is dragging it that much, even the end song, also adding some subtitles would be a nice extra touch.

Differant kind of flash some nice animation could use some file reduction though.


True time I hold you (?)

Yep, I knew it was going to turn into something pretty grisly. At least this turn not turn out to be Timmy who was the one who released the carnage on his enemies. The animation was really good in this one and you seem to really incorporate your own style. While there was not much action going on until the end, still great. I loved how he stabbed the knife in his own face. Serves the monster right for stabbing and raping Timmy.

The simplistic animation and narrative made for a pretty scary story at the end. Of course, that was more dark humor than intended horror. I like how the characters have the same expressions even while torturing Timmy. I bet that probably would be the world's largest peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He should have just bought peanut butter.

That was..

TOTALLY EPIC DUDE! :D i loved the ending! ^^