Reviews for "World of Mutants"


The side scrolling space shooter has already been way overdone. The only reason to make one is if you have something new or interesting in terms of plot or gameplay that changes the game. The only thing that makes this different is the terrible "snake control" that requires you to move the length of the screen to move almost any of your guys.

Yummy! Yummy! Medals!

Sweet Game, many sad deaths =(, but this is the war, go mutants! xD

A Nice Little Gem.

The graphics are pixelated goodness, but the characters, to me, look like a bunch of paper cutouts on a pixelated background. The game flows well, and I don't have any problems with it.

Nice arcade shooter

Awesome game the only reason i didn't give 10 is because on the fourth boss when i have 6 char sometime i lag when i try to run away.

Good arcade shooter

I do like the snake-like control, but the movement can be sluggish. Otherwise fun game!