Reviews for "World of Mutants"


Not Too Bad

Very nice

I love it very entertaining excellent


The way upgrades are placed and how you must catch them with the individual shooter is a nice touch that takes some finesse, it's a challenge all in itself. The graphics, although proficient enough to understand what is what, wouldn't take much to upgrade and I think would make this simply fun game even more appealing. It's a great start, I hope you work on it more!...

I like wheres its going but still not good enough

I like the arcade graphics and the little shooty shounds. thats about it.

Bosses are to predictable and when you fight them over again its gets boring. Some levels i didnt have a choice but to lose some shooters, did not like that. That one second to last upgade is just annoying so i had to position my other shooters to get upgrades. Work on it.

Kinda good..

I won't care about the pixel art,as they are drawn nicely enough.
The hard part about this game is keeping units alive and gun upgrades.

About the gun upgrades.
You should make the player to be able to keep the upgrade.Because the next upgrade could be a crappy weapon with long reload time.

Then that snake control that kills back units very easily.
You should have let players to choose from snake control or just let them stay in a group.
And also when the front unit touches the screen,the back units stop.
You could let the back units continue moving when the front unit is this facing the screen.Having the units to automactically move behind the front unit helps too.

Overall its quite a good shooter.