Reviews for "World of Mutants"

Very good.

An awesome game, very retro and the art was good. However, my only complaint is the AI of the extra units, even if you evade, they wont move as you, resulting in unavoidable deaths.


but a few problems

first off the graphics are really cool and retro, reminicent of the glory days of arcade gaming-accccept, whats with the white out line around everything?

second. wtf is up 8-bit nirvana?


Pretty nice little game, definitely a favorite. Didn't rate a 10 only because it could have been a little more elaborate, longer and tougher.

Looks a lot like those classic arcade games!

I'm not much of a judgemental person but id say this game would go perfect with a collection!

Old school indeed

I had fun playing this game because it had a really joyous tone to it and it was just fun. While it was pretty hard (especially with the boss) and the controls could have been better, still playable. The thing I enjoyed most was the unique designs of all the mutants. It was also easy to recognize how weak or strong one was by their appearance. The sounds were good, especially how the guns fired. It was really useful to have those blue ships give you powerups all the time.

Some of the time, the graphics looked a little odd, but still good. I suggest maybe working with the controls, as I had problems with moving. I guess I might just not be good at this game. At least I managed to get two medals, which is more than what I would get at a game I stink at. It reminded me of "Naruto" for some reason because I thought it said Tails Beasts.