Reviews for "World of Mutants"

You said it

Definitely old school gaming, and I would almost believe it was a game I missed from back the day , well done!

Not as good towards the end

its frustrateing,the team members dont follow you,you cant hit alot of the enemies in cold planet and the bosses are ridiculous!

It´s a great game, but...

It´s intense., creative, and the idea of upgrade the team individually it´s great. But, make the follow you as you move.

I mean, you get cover from the enemy shoots in the bottom or the top of the screen, but they just wait in the middle, that´s way they get killed.

That´s so frustrating

Umm. nice.

Realy nostalgic, but 1 question. Why there is Nirvana after end of the level? ^_^

I thought it was fun

I really have no problems with the game myself, it was pretty easy to beat yet still had some challenge to it in the later levels, that magnet space area was the hardest for me. The real trouble came when I was trying to get the survival medals, as I never could seem to keep all 6 alive by the time I reached the boss, even still you can manage to beat the bosses even with one guy and sometimes it's even easier since you are only focusing on one man. All and all, good way to kill about an hour while getting some nice medals in the process, and the music was just awesome.