Reviews for "World of Mutants"


HAH! 26250 Points on dead space, I'm currently nr 1 on the 'Recent' list ;D. Man I dont know what those other guys are talking about! This wasn't too hard, it was fun and really nice with its old school-like character ^____^

These aliens are so cute!

But I didn't' spare anyone! :D


it is old school
it is hardcore
it is my fun
go away casual chickens )))

1 minute in.

and i died because the weapon upgrades go from good to bad in seconds.
and then i get stormed with 30 enemies that shoot my guys out so iam stuck
with homing missiles that shoot once every 5 seconds and i die ... fun.

graphics and music are ok , but the controls are sticky at times and the weapon upgrades are worse as more upgrades you get.

not very fun.

Exceptional Shooter

Has everything. Great graphics.old school shooter music. Bosses and medals too. Love it. Favorited