Reviews for "World of Mutants"

Awesome, just what I was looking for.

Haha reminds me of that space monkey arcade game from GTA San Andreas. Very fun and addictive and yet challenging, i had high hopes for this game because im a big fan of those old pixalated side scrolling shooters and I wasn't let down. Thanks for the hour of entertainment. :)

Good game but....

1.: why gets the last people in the chain the upgrade?o.O (if the 1. is fully upgraded...)

2.: lags sometimes and the guys cant catch up...

its not hard to beat the game... its hard to let all survive:)

very good

something that would be nice is like say i get Epic Survival i should also get nice survival and usual survival not just one

Great game!

It`s very addictive. I liked graphics and music.

not hardcore

What do you mean by "it's hardcore"? I thought that would mean it's challenging but it isn't at all. There was only one challenging part and that was when the gun "upgrades" to a shitty weapon that shoots once every 5 seconds. That did make me wonder how you can go from good to shit. Obviously you didn't quite think that through.
The movement seems to be a bit stiff.

Overall this is a mediocre shooter.