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Reviews for "Watermelon Bomb"

so much fun to little time

make a new one but plz make it longer.

tooooooooooooo shooooooooooooooort

fun game, way too short. i found myself trying to make the game last longer


This is ok, but for some reson, a good mount of my explosions were much smller than they should have been, causing me to get bout 3 fruit.

But overall, this is just generic. There's nothing really new to the game. It's just...ok

its pretty cool

but its too short and theres not enough variety


But WAY too short. The gameplay is smooth, the graphics are neat, the music is nice and jumpy and there's pretty much no lag at all, except when there's a giant chain reaction (but that might just be my computer). This is a perfect game for those who are stressed or sad and falls on this flash game. A good time-waster and stress-relief. But there's not enough challenge. If only you could incorporate a "free-run" or "freeplay" mode, that would be the best thing ever. This flash is in my personal favorites of the ones I saw here. You got a lot of potential with flash games and/or programming. Keep up the good work and try to improve this game by putting in what half of the people who posted a review here, including me, wants: a freeplay mode.