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Reviews for "Interlocked"

A good game!

I enjoyed this, I really did. I didn't really play it for very long, but as far as puzzle games go (I don't usually enjoy them that much, solving puzzles for the sake of solving them has never appealed to me much), it was quite enjoyable. The concept is good, the music is good, the gameplay and progression are good. Keep it up =)


awsome game, very ahead of its time, took 45 minutet to beat all of them including the challenge and hardcore puzzles, may be a bit to easy


but I can't seem to ever get pass level 2.. theres a bug or a glitch or something. I try to pull the blocks apart then they start twitching like crazy and get morphed together, and get stuck. :/

I enjoyed it

Good little diversion. I didn't like the fact it zoomed in when you pull a piece out, considering you had to move the piece so far away from the main puzzle for it to disappear.

You did well with the game

its fun for a puzzle game but i feel like something is missing